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Unique Holiday Gift Giving Ideas from Procured Goods


The Big Love Box from the Herbiary: Completely customizable by price point and your needs, the Big Love Box can be picked out on the web at Herbiary or you can do it with the help of an associate over the phone. How fun will it be for a loved one or friend to receive this box of self care and lovelies that was hand picked for them with help from knowledgeable herbalists who are just as excited about gift giving as you!

We are big fans of Opie Way shoes, particularly these beauties for women, James Court Low. They also have a gorgeous white color with black trim that would love to add to our collection! Made with non automated machines in North Carolina, each pair is designed, cut, sewn and assembled in North Carolina by human hands. These Riverside Hi's in Natural are a beautiful gift for men as well. But… order quickly as these shoes are often custom made to order and this is surely a busy time of year for the brand as well. These shoes wear amazingly and are the most comfortable kick around shoes out of the box we have EVER owned. The construction is amazing!

Dry Farm Wines is a unique and celebratory gift giving experience, as “all our growers use organic, regenerative, and dry farming practices. No pesticides, herbicides, or any other “-cides,” ever. Only nutrient-rich living soils and sun.” There is a considerable difference in not only the amazing flavor and profiles of these wines, but in the lack of after effects, we have found personally from the higher quality and growing practices. These wines are also sugar free, lower in alcohol, non GMO, and have no toxic additives as many commercial growers use in wine production. Check out their list of gift boxes, memberships, and collections for wine lover this holiday season! Link

We are also big fans of heirloom jewelry gifts and one of a kind jewelry pieces as well. We have fallen in love with many of the pieces like this, Drop Earrings. Beautiful baubles that can be unwrapped and kept for a lifetime, passed down in remembrance of a special season or year in someone’s life. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that Procured Goods carries many of the gorgeous Wake products that we have come to love as well! The Wake body care line was created and crafted with love and care, so you know they are shower and body care worthy for gift giving this season and beyond! Wake Foot Spa gift cards can be purchased from the Wake website, and is a great gift for that person who needs some rest and relaxation.

Worth and Worth by Orlando Palacios is not only our go to place for storied and collection worthy hats, but an amazing place to search for yourself or someone special for that truly memorable or collection worth piece. These hats do come with a hefty price tag, but they are handcrafted, artisan designed, and built for a lifetime, truly. As the company says, “In a society where things are mass-produced and instantly acquired, there is a little room for carefully crafted, handmade treasures.” We are loving the Bordeaux and the Black Ash, two incredibly versatile, yet show stopping designs for fall and winter. Insider tip: If you sign up for their email list, you can get the inside scoop on one yearly 20% off sale per year. For a big purchase like this one, it is a great deal! 

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