Crystal Catnip for Dogs

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We have fallen in love with Merci Collective and, owner, Chani's commitment to creating inspiring, safe, and beautiful pet care products. We must admit, we were a bit skeptical when Chani told us about catnip for dogs, but then she educated us a bit more about catnip's properties and effects on dogs vs. cats and we have been using it for our own pup and loving it now!

Merci Collective Catnip for Dogs: "It has a calming and soothing effect, reducing overall anxiety and it can also help with your canine's quality of sleep and even improve appetite.  In addition, we infused our catnip with rose quartz which will increase the sense of love and serenity. "

As pet owners ourselves at Procured Goods, we have been fans of Merci Collective for some time now and have enjoyed the collaborative process of working with this company. Not only do you feel good knowing that Merci Collective products come highly researched and used by their owners too, but the deep roots in French fashion are evident in the style and packaging of these gorgeous products. 

Merci Collective Philosophy Highlights: It's no secret that our furry friends are very sensitive beings. They love deeply. They feel deeply. And sometimes, overwhelmingly.  At times, they will feel insecure, anxious, worried, or even angry, just like we do.  We cannot prevent them from feeling all of the feelings, but we can help them heal from the ones that ache the most.  We are our pets’ sanctuaries. With our guidance, they can find comfort, security, and peace.  At Merci Collective, we take pride in designing elevated everyday essentials to support you and your pet, on their healing journey.

Directions: From time to time or during stressful situations, sprinkle ⅛ to ½ tsp of catnip on your floor or dog's food. When you see your dog is relaxed and content, the catnip has taken effect.

Ingredients: Nepeta cataria aka Catnip, Rose Quartz.

Packed in a sustainable glass jar to maintain potency and making it easy to serve.

16 grams / 0.56 oz.

 - Made in the USA with Love

- Veterinarian Approved

- Vegan & Cruelty Free

- Human-Grade & Hypoallergenic

- Crystal-Infused

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