Vintage Sterling Silver and Chrysoprase Bracelet

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From our Vault collection, this vintage sterling and chrysoprase gem bracelet is both striking and fun! It's lightweight but bold design adds a pop of glamour to denim and casual wear and makes a great complimenting accessory to suit jackets and sheath dresses alike. The detail is even more gorgeous in person. It's a piece that you will collect and keep dear. 

The name for Chrysoprase is derived from the Greek word “chrysós”, meaning “gold”, and “práso”, meaning “leek”. This gem is generally translucent, but can range from nearly transparent to nearly opaque. The green of chrysoprase is caused by the presence of nickel in the chalcedony. The more nickel that is present, the richer the green hue. Chrysoprase is unique in this respect, as it is one of only two gems colored this way (the other being gaspeite). 

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