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How we Procure

We have long been fans of antique stores and small boutique experiences, admiring the way that items have been so carefully selected or involve a history of being previously loved and treasured by someone. When we buy for Procured Goods, we are looking for things that often can't be found easily, one of a kind pieces that we couldn't pass up,  or from brands we have used, trusted, and come back for ourselves. We want you to know that the process of procuring is not just in our name, but our passion to find things that we love, hoping that you will find pleasure in them too.

For example, this Moss Agate necklace from one of our artisans. When we saw it we felt it was truly one of a kind. Other versions of this necklace don't exist with the maker! It is a special piece and such an easy stand out accompaniment to any outfit with its jeweled but neutral hues. These completely stand out Ruby Jack earrings are even more gorgeous in person. We have been fans ourselves and we dare you to wear these out and say you haven't received compliments! The neatest part? There is a little slot on the back of the earring for a special love note or intention. Beautiful!

We also love new items like our Los Poblanos body scrub for such an amazing pep in our morning showers. It is so aromatic with the lavender and peppermint, but the blue corn addition to the scrub is beautiful to use and leaves our skin sooo incredibly soft to start our day! We tested this product and nearly all of our others until we scraped the very last bit from the vessel. The reason? We want to see how products perform over time. It's important to us to see if the usage is consistent, if it causes us or our team any irritation, and better helps us to describe the experience when we have that much more experience with it. In other words, we don't bring it to you until we KNOW we love it!

Bath time is an important ritual to us and because we try so many products in this space, we know when we have hit on something special.  The Charme d' Orient bath oils are a rich addition to winter baths or for soothing and softening skin after showers. The two scents we have selected were procured based on their popularity for the maker and we use them interchangeably because they are both that good! The bonus is that the bottle is so well made that we can display it with dried lavender when we are finished or even fill with botanicals for a beautiful bathroom installation!

And then, there are our fur babies. We didn't create this category just because.  We recognize that our cats and dogs are part of our family too! We love to see makers that are so passionate about making beautiful, safe, and fun products for our cherished pets. The Shine On dog enrichment toy from Merci Collective is such a beautiful design, but so fun for our little Cairn terrier to try to get treats out of. He loves it too! So when we say we test products, we really do. There are so many more products in this line up that you should check out also!

New procurement and testing is happening now also! We will continue to test, find new treasures, and look for customer suggestions for brands and items so that we can continue to delight and surprise you!

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