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Trudon: A Luxurious Fragrance Experience Now at Procured Goods

We're absolutely delighted to share that our collection now features the legendary Trudon brand. Their candles are filled with rich history, unparalleled craftsmanship, and mesmerizing fragrances. 

Image of a Trudon Candle Now at Procured Goods

The Story Behind Trudon Candles

Our journey begins in 1643, in Paris. Little did Claude Trudon know, his small candle shop was destined to illuminate the most magnificent halls of history. From the glittering courts of Versailles to the imperial halls ruled by Napoleon, Trudon candles have become synonymous with luxury and heritage.

But what really sets Trudon apart? Innovation. Picture this - the 18th century, a time when candle smoke was a regular part of life. Then came Trudon with a formula that changed everything, reducing smoke and enhancing the candlelight experience.

Unveiling the Charm of Trudon Candles

It's all in the details. Trudon candles blend vegetable and beeswax for a burn so clean, it's almost magical. The scents are crafted by the most gifted noses, telling tales of ancient forests and royal gardens through whispers of smoke and fragrance.

The Elegance of Trudon Candles and Parfum now at Procured Goods

Why did we bring Trudon into our fold at Procured Goods? Because like you, we crave authenticity, quality, and a touch of luxury in our lives. Our curated Trudon collection promises an aroma for every mood, every moment. Whether you're drawn to the boldness of 'Ernesto' or the subtle grace of 'Josephine', there's a Trudon candle waiting to transform your space.

Trudon's parfum line, launced in 2017, is just as uncompromising, with gorgeous packaging and a complex olfactory experience in each scent. Since 2017, they have continued to launch new scents and we have gathered some of our favorites for purchase at Procured Goods. 

Lighting a Candle, the Trudon Way

Lighting a Trudon candle is an act of ceremony. It's taking a moment to appreciate the artistry, from the embossed glass to the perfectly poured wax. And because we want your candle to last, we're here with tips on how to care for it, ensuring every light is as perfect as the first. For example, the first burn is critical. The candle should burn until the entire surface is liquid to help prevent tunneling.

In a world clamoring for sustainability, Trudon stands tall. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices mirrors our own, with ethically sourced beeswax and reusable, recyclable Tuscan glass. This is luxury with a conscience, and we are so excited to bring a brand that we have loved for years.

Trudon Candles are an Experience

Trudon candles offer more than just light; they're an experience. A journey through time and scent that we're honored to bring to you. Visit us at Procured Goods and choose the candle that not just lights up your room, but also your soul.

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